About Us

New Life Church in Oak Grove, MN began in October of 1999 in a local strip mall as a mission startup by Pastor Ed Treat. In 2005, the church moved into a small building up Round Lake Blvd where we are currently located.

Our music is contemporary with a traditional mix, and our services are currently led by Pastor Julie Marxhausen.

We believe that, in confessing our brokenness to the Lord, we are saved, and we welcome all into our congregation to honor His sacrifice, His mercy, and His grace.


History of New Life Church

New Life Church held its first service in October, 1999 in a tent in the strip mall parking lot in Oak Grove, MN at the corner of Lake George Blvd and Hwy 22.

It began as a mission startup with Pastor Ed Treat in a small retail space of that strip mall. With just enough space for about 50 people to worship, it quickly grew to hold three different style services: traditional, country, and contemporary.

In 2005, the church purchased the current building from Grow Town (also formerly a Tom Thumb) and has resided there for the last 15 years.

Pastor Ed Treat took another position and Pastor Jeff Bergman took the role for the next 12 years.

Currently, New Life is part of the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ), and its members have a strong love and commitment for the Lord. Many who have attended have needed healing prayers and community to support them through tough times, and its congregation is fervently supportive.

Our Sunday services are led by Pastor Julie Marxhausen, and our music style is a blend of contemporary music with some traditional mix.

The church has been active in many outreach opportunities such as Sharing and Caring Hands, Feed My Starving Children, Anoka Food Shelf (NACE), Pastor Valery in Belarus, Russia, Sweetbread Ministries, and so many more over the past 20 years.

We welcome everyone!

Our Beliefs

New Life Church is a community of people who believe in God’s love, that through the confession of our brokenness, we are saved by His Grace. We believe in our mission to embody the gospel, so that others may also experience the goodness and grace of our Father in Heaven.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to Invite, Ignite, and Excite!

To faithfully answer God’s call and send people to proclaim the kingdom of God in all the corners of the Earth and our community.

Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first, third and fifth Sundays of each month.  All who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are welcome.  Those with special needs may request via the usher and/or receive communion at their seat.

Pastor Julie MarxhausenPastor
About Pastor Julie

I have been in ministry in some capacity for forty years, pastoring for the last 15+. I have been trained and mentored by my husband, Mark Marxhausen, a man who loves the Lord with all his heart. I am ordained through LCMC – Lutheran Congregations in Missions for Christ, receiving my Master’s and Doctorate degrees from MN-Graduate School of Theology. My passion is to equip the saints – meaning I want to help people realize how amazing they are because of the way God created them, and equip them to walk in their unique design as we together go out in the world and share Jesus in our spheres of influence. I love teaching the Word of God because it is challenging and life-giving, and the more we know, the more we want to know about Jesus so we can live in Him, and flourish in His freedom.

As you make your way through this website, my prayer is that you would be ignited and curious to come and meet us, joining us in a faith journey in which we walk together.

New Life has been around for a long time, and we’ve experienced a lot of changes, as has everyone. We are excited to embrace each new day together, celebrating our life in Jesus, walking with people where they are at in life, and together, becoming the overcomers in Christ we’ve been created to be! Come join us! We truly will love to meet you!!!!

Marsha WeidnerTreasurer
About Marsha Weidner

I have been in Office Management for over 35 years and accepted the Treasury position in February, 2022. I was treasurer for 4 years at my previous church, and it was easy to say yes again. I love coming to church, meeting new people, sharing my story, and getting involved. Currently, I play the guitar and sing with one of our worship teams.

New Life Church helped me grow as an “Accepted Child of God that is Loved”. I pray that God will provide comfort to you as you visit. I pray you feel the presence of God, stay a while, and visit with us.  
Deb MahaffeySecretary
About Deb Mahaffey

Many years ago, I found the Church I was looking for, Bible-based with a priority in Fellowship, and it saved me. I keep involved in the Church with my position on Council, which fulfills me.

Pamela JohnsonCouncil President
About Pam Johnson

As a child, my family went to church every Sunday. But, my Day of Salvation did not come until July of my 30th year on this earth. That’s when everything began to change. I began attending church again as an adult and reading the Bible daily. Scripture came alive to me and I could hear and discern the Lord’s will for my life. I began to see and recognize why he put me in the positions and situations I was in.

As I navigated the challenges presented to me while managing at Honeywell, Psalm 119:105 showed to be true to me. “Thy word is lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path!” As I grew in understanding it became very clear to me who my real boss was. He wasn’t the person sitting in the office I reported to at Honeywell. My true boss was the God of the universe.

When that became clear to me I could then walk in the words of Joshua 24:15 and 1:9. When I chose to serve God over man I was able to be strong and
courageous in my decisions and actions because I learned that my Lord is with me wherever I go! Under the Lord’s direction, the departments I managed prospered and my bosses were blessed. I did not need to fear man because as Proverbs 29:25 tells us, “The fear of man will prove to be a snare/trap”. At New Life Church you will find Biblical truths being taught from the pulpit and being walked out in the lives of your brothers and sisters in the Lord. For those of you who have not yet come to your day of salvation you will learn and be encouraged to walk in the light of God’s word as you wait upon the Lord.

Sheila SwancuttWorship Coordinator
About Sheila Swancutt

Worship and music have been an enormous part of my life and faith journey.  It is important to me that when you walk in our doors, you feel welcome and wanted.  We hope you join us on Sunday mornings and that when you are here, you are filled with peace, praise and joy.

Amy CrewsBusiness Manager/ HR
About Amy Crews

Amy has been part of New Life since the first service under the tent in the parking lot, October 1999. She has held several positions on council over the years to include VP, President, and currently the Business/HR representative.  She has been a member of the contemporary worship team for close to 20 years and really enjoys worshiping at New Life.

Sabrina VanDenBurghOutreach Coordinator
About Sabrina VanDenBurgh

I am a student.  My goal is to inspire more students/kids to know the Presence of God.

Steve BargelEducation/ Youth Director
About Steve Bargel